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At Linda Cooper School of Dance, we invite you to discover the timeless grace and elegance of Silver Swans. Our Derby-based classes are your gateway to the enchanting world of ballet, where age holds no boundaries and the joy of dance is celebrated by all.

Led by Linda Cooper, a certified instructor, our Silver Swans program offers a nurturing and inclusive environment, where you can explore the art of ballet at your own pace. Join us at The Memorial Hall in Aston-on-Trent and let the magic of Silver Swans transform your dance journey into an elegant and empowering experience.

Linda Cooper's Silver Swans

Based in Derby and looking to get active, you cannot go wrong with a Silver Swans class with Linda Cooper’s School of Dance. Get in touch for more information on our classes held at The Memorial Hall in Aston-on-Trent or enquire about private lessons.

About Silver Swans

Silver Swans is a ballet program designed to bring the beauty and artistry of dance to adults of all ages and abilities. Developed by the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), this program was created to offer an inclusive and empowering approach to ballet. Silver Swans welcomes those who are new to dance, those returning to it after a break, and even experienced dancers looking to embrace the grace of ballet in a more relaxed and age-appropriate setting.

A Brief History of Silver Swans

The Silver Swans program was introduced by the RAD in response to the growing interest in ballet among adults, particularly in the 55+ age group. The program aimed to create a structured yet enjoyable way for older learners to experience the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of ballet. Launched in 2017, Silver Swans rapidly gained popularity, becoming a symbol of artistic expression and wellness in the adult dance world.

Key Figures Involved

The heart of the Silver Swans program lies in the talented and dedicated instructors who bring the world of ballet to adult learners. These instructors, often certified by the RAD, guide participants through the enchanting journey of Silver Swans. They tailor lessons to the individual needs and aspirations of each dancer, ensuring a nurturing and supportive learning environment.

Silver Swans participants are equally essential to the program’s success. They come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, yet all share a common passion for dance. This diversity creates a vibrant and inclusive community where individuals can learn from one another and celebrate their unique journeys in dance.

Patrons and Supporters

The Royal Academy of Dance, the organisation behind Silver Swans, has garnered the support of notable patrons and supporters who recognize the importance of this program. These individuals and organisations provide valuable assistance and advocacy for the Silver Swans initiative, helping to expand its reach and impact. While specific patrons and supporters may vary by region and time, their collective commitment to promoting the benefits of ballet for adults is a driving force behind the continued success of Silver Swans.

Silver Swans has truly transformed the world of adult dance, offering an opportunity for individuals of all ages to embrace the grace, strength, and artistry of ballet. With a rich history, a community of passionate dancers, and the support of dedicated patrons and supporters, Silver Swans continues to flourish, enriching the lives of those who seek the joy of dance and artistic expression.